Health and Safety

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Health (Red & Yellow)

ABC's of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power Ill Kathleen Rietz

Why Do I Wash My Hands? by Angela Royston

Brush Your Teeth by Linda Cole Books

Tooth Trouble by Clark Cecilia Johansson

Going to the Hospital by Anne Civardi Ill Stephen Carwright

Yummy Yummy Nummy Nummy, Should I Put this In My Tummy

by Kim MacGregor Ill Dharon Snider

Yikes Lice by Donna Caffey Ill Patrick Girovard

What Do the Fairies Do With all Those Teeth? by Michel Luppens

Shelly the Hyperacative Turtle by Deborah M. Moss Ill CarolSchwartz

Please Tell Story About Sexual Abuse by Jessie

The Potty Book for Girls by Alyssa Satin Capucilli Ill DorothyStott

Bye-Bye, Diapers by Ellen Weiss Ill Tom Cooke

Baby’s Places

Safety (Yellow & Blue)

Playground Safety by Peggy Pancella

Home Safety by Peggy Pancella

Stranger Danger by Peggy Pancella

Street Smarts Peggy Pancella

It's My Turn! David Bedford Ill Elaine Field

Hop In by Julie Small-Gamby

Excuse Me! by Moira Butterfield Ill Rachael

Kindness to share fr. A-Z by Todd& Peggy Snow Ill KirstenSevig

When I'm Feeling Kind by trace Moroney

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Bullies by Howard &ISusan F. Cornelison

Billy Bully A School Yard Counting Tale Alvaro & Ana GalanIll Steve Simpon

NO More Hitting Maria Maysen Ill Laura Logan

Me and May Friends INDOORS by Maureen Roffey

I Can Make Good Choices!

When I'm feeling Kind by Trace Moroney

A Mind Your Manners Story Book

No More Hitting by Maria Maysen Ill Laura Logan

Arther Owl and the Falling Stars by Line Plante Ill Ber'enge'reGirard

Hearts of Gold Compassion Four True Stories

Against all Odds Courage Four True Stories

Never Give Up Determination Four True Stories

Stop Picking on Me by Pat Thomas

Franklin Bicycle Helmet by Paulette Bourgeois Ill Brenda Clark

Fire Safety (Red)

Poinsettia and the Fire Fighters by Felicia Bond

Corduroy Goes to the Fire Station by Dortreeman and Lisa McCue

At the Fire House by Anne Rockwell and Anne Rockwell

The Big Book of Rescue Vehicles by Caroline Bingham

Fire Drill by Dubois Jacob & Jennifer Swender and Huy VounLee

Fire Safety by Peggy Pancella

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