Individual Puzzles list

PUZZLES for Loan

List requested puzzles in the comments section.

1.      Pets floor puzzle (24)pieces

2.      How the Grinch stole Christmas (30) pieces

3.      Santa Claus Floor Puzzle

4.      Bugs floor puzzle (24)pieces

5.      School bus puzzle (28)pieces

6.      Farm Friends floor puzzle(24) pieces

7.      Underwater floor puzzle

8.      Fun Facts Animal double puzzle (50) pieces

9.      Gingerbread Family floor puzzle (28) pieces

10.  Solar System floor puzzle(48) pieces

11.  Fun Facts Creatures of the Sea double puzzle (50) pieces

12.  Children of the world round puzzle (48) pieces

13.  Llama Llama floor puzzle(28) pieces

14.  Dinosaurs floor puzzle(30) pieces

15.  Jungle floor puzzle (30)pieces

16.  Farm floor puzzle (36)pieces

17.  Ocean puzzle in a bag

18.  Wooded Puzzles

19.  Traffic light (12) pieces

20.  Magnetic bugs with wand(9) pieces

21.  School Bus (9) pieces

22.  Bugs Back Yard (35) pieces

23.  10 piece construction trucks puzzle


New to the Library 2020 Puzzles for Loan

1.            Car puzzle – 12 pieces

2.            Magnetic tow-away puzzle – 10 pieces with wand

3.            Tow Truck game – 10 pieces with wand

4.            Traffic Jam floor puzzle – 28 pieces

5.            Set of four thick wooded jig saw puzzles in a box

6.            Basic skills Board puzzle

7.            Left and right hand puzzle counting fruit 1-10

8.            Playschool6 piece city puzzle ages 1-5 years

9.            Mr and Mrs Potato head magnetic pieces 21 mix and match pieces.

10.          Melissa and Doug Girl dress-up wooden puzzle ages 2 and up 8 pieces.

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