Magnetic Construction Set by SMARTIMAX

20 – Metal balls(in a bin) lid left off when storing

30 – 2.5 inch medium bars (in a bin) lid left off when storing

18 – 4.5 inch

long bars (in main bin)

4 – 2.5 inch curved bars (stored with medium bars)

Farm Set:(stored in a bag)

4- 2.5 inch rods –one light blue, 1-lime green, 1- yellow, 1- pink

2- Half circle balls

6 - 2 piece animals – 1-white lamb, 1- pink pig, 1- grey horse, 1- brown cow, 1 yellow chicken and 1 – red chicken.

While having fun playing children can learn patience, creativity and imagination, stimulate their spatial thinking, precision, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination.

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