Magnetic Fishing Game

2-Fishing rods

1-Green/orangerod with removable wooden handle

1-   Orange/yellow rod with removablewooden handle

1-    Basket with orange lid

1 – Felt Fishing Pond

26 – Sea Animals with alphabets and numbers

A-   Angel Fish, B-blue Whale, C-Clownfish,

D – Dolphin, E – Eel, F –Flame Anthias,

G – Giant Squid, H – HermitCrab, I – Indian Star fish,

J – Jellyfish, K – KillerWhale, L – Lobster, M – Manatee, N- Narwhale,

O – Octopus, P – Pufferfish, Q– Queen Parrotfish, R – Ringed Seal,

S - Sea Turtle, T-Tiger Shark,U – Unicorn Fish, V – Viper Fish,

W - Walrus, X – X-ray Fish, Y–Yellow Tang, and Z – Zebra Fish.

The numbered sea life helpwith scoring and for a variety of number games in addition to fishy fun. Italso helps develop early counting and number skills, manipulative skills,hand/eye coordination and dexterity.

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